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Many people have the mistaken notion that being able to write well is a talent that one either has or doesn’t have. This is not necessarily true. You can learn to write effectively if you are willing to learn some strategies and practice them.

Writing is a skill that people in all walks of life must perform almost daily. Good writing in English requires good grammar and good organization. In ” Sentence Structure Guide” book, you will learn the essences of writing a well structured sentence which is the base of writing a well organized essay. In other words, you will learn selected grammatical structures in order to perfect your grammar and improve your style.

The book consists of nine chapters the first five chapters cover the different Types of Phrases , Relative clauses, Adverbial clauses, and Noun clauses. In the following chapters the book covers Kinds of Sentences, Punctuation, Sentence Problems, and finally Effective Sentences.


To DRM or Not?

The Wandering Barefoot Editor

When an author decides to self-publish an eBook a decision that must be made is whether to DRM your book or not. DRM (Digital Rights Management) allows an author to encrypt their book to prevent illegal sharing. A lot of authors worry that readers will steal their material so they enable DRM. This is counter-productive when the same author wants to get their name out there and become known. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising there is so use it to your advantage. So what if a small handful of readers acquire your book without paying for it. If the book is good that reader is more likely to check out what else you have written, buy other books, and tell their friends about the book they read. By enabling DRM readers can’t buy an eBook and convert it to use on their device.

For example, I know of an eBook that was bought on Amazon with…

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